Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Green, the Bad & the Ugly's Earth Day Top Ten

Happy Earth Day!!!

40 years ago today, people gathered together for a nationwide, grassroots demonstration on behalf of the environment. Their efforts have turned into a global phenomenon and today millions will celebrate our beautiful planet and raise awareness to protect her and her resources.

It's so cool to see how far we've come.
But for every step forward, there's been a misstep. Or two. Or three . . .

Here are my Top 10 Environmental Faux Pas Since Earth Day 2009.

10. Finding underwear in the sand during my beach clean-up.

9. Hearing people behind me scream “Fuck the Porpoises” (don't ask why) at a Kiss concert (which used so much confetti that the show actually managed to insult the environment twice).

8. The girl in Whole Foods who licked peanut butter off plastic lids and them left them at the peanut butter making machine.

7. Hearing “Going green is for young people” stated by one of my peers, who is the ripe old age of 53.

6. The Metropolitan Museum of Art employee who offered me a coupon and when I declined, instead of putting it back in the pile, threw it in the trash.

5. The Starbucks barista who made my frappucino in a paper cup and then poured it into my reusable cup, thereby defeating the purpose.

4. At the Grove in L.A., walking by stores that kept their doors wide open with the air conditioners on full blast.

3. Watching people secure their natural, real Christmas tree to their car with plastic wrap.

2. Overhearing a woman who proclaimed that she would only ever eat ice cream with a plastic spoon, because you don’t get the full flavor or experience of the ice cream with a metal one.

And the Number One Environmental Faux Pas Since Earth Day 2009…

1. Seeing a woman hand a Starbucks barista her eco-friendly, reusable Sigg bottle to fill with coffee (you're not even supposed to fill it with hot water) and then ask for the cardboard sleeve because the bottle was too hot.