Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 1, 2, 3 and 4

I technically started this program on Monday, June 1st. I was just a little late in my postings. So far I’ve lost 5 pounds most of which I’m sure is water weight but nonetheless, 5 pounds. I feel great!

I’ve packed my own lunch using this very cool thing that I found…the wrap-n-mat. You can get one for about $11 at . Basically it’s a fabric square that has a plastic covering on one side (read about the safety of the plastic lining here ) and it folds over your sandwich and holds with a velcro strip. And I’ve only been made fun of twice!

Breakfast and lunch have been pretty easy. Organic apples and bananas. Organic peanut butter and hummus sandwiches (not together) using organic bread. I have had yogurt…but organic and I recycled the container at the Whole Foods. I have my own utensils at work so no waste there. But I have to admit that dinner has been tough.

I’ve had several events after work this week which haven’t allowed me to make dinner so I’ve eaten out. Menus are a scary thing when you’re trying to eat healthier and be environmentally conscious.

Unless you’re eating at a vegetarian restaurant that screams it’s organic, it’s impossible to know where your food is coming from. And I'm even learning that the things I buy in the grocery store don't always tell the truth on their labels." Just because it says “free range” on the label, doesn’t mean that the little chicken was roaming around on the farm. All it has to mean is that the chicken was give a small door or window in an over-crowded barn. (Go to
to learn more!)

The nights I’ve had to eat in restaurants, I’ve chosen eggs and toast and, well…

Last night I went to a bar with friends for an after work drink. I’m pretty sure the gin and tonic wasn’t organic, nor were the 2 small chicken wings I ate. I was disappointed in myself. Not only was it not a meal, not healthy and certainly not organic, but I was hungry afterwards. Where I was proud of myself was when I went home and had a snack of the organic peanut butter and banana…measured out! In the past, I ate that whole plate of wings and would’ve gone home and binged on the peanut butter. But I remained in control and that was a big deal for me.

I’m going away this weekend to a conference and that will definitely be a challenge. I plan on packing snacks and will go for the more "healthy" choices.

Wish me luck!

Happy weekend...see you on Monday!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Pledge

Yesterday, I talked about the book The Gorgeously Green Diet by Sophie Uliano. In the back of the book, she has a pledge for the reader to take. Below is that pledge, exactly as written in the book, and my commitment to it.

1. I commit to cutting my beef and chicken consumption down by 25-50 percent. I will prepare at least three meat-free meals a week. Meat production has a very heavy eco-impact.
2. I commit to buying organic, seasonal and locally produced food whenever possible. I vote with my dollars and want to support sustainable producers.
3. I commit to cooking at least three meals a week at home so that I can save money, my health, and the planet.
4. I commit to reducing my food waste by 50 percent by sticking to my eating plan and my shopping list and by using my leftovers.
5. I commit to growing something edible (even an herb will do!).
6. I commit to recycling my paper, plastic, glass and cans, and to buying recycled paper products (paper towels, napkins, and toilet paper) to preserve more trees.

I, Meredith Forbes, pledge to take the six Gorgeously Green steps and to practice them for the next thirty days.

…and hopefully longer!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gorgeously Green Commitment

Now that summer is almost here and the warm weather keeps teasing us, I find myself in the mood for fun, summery drinks…my favorite being the Starbucks Frappucino.

I am very particular in the way I prefer my Frap. I don’t like a lot of ice…I like it smooth and more liquidy. And I have, on occasion, been known to send it back if it’s not just the right consistency. The other problem that sometimes rears its head is when the cashier calls the order to the barista and says, “Frappucino, light on the ice.” If the barista is busy, he or she sometimes mistakes the light ice for the light frap, which is not a good thing. Aside from the icky chemicals that make it light, it has a horrible aftertaste.

Yesterday I was in Starbucks and, of course, mistakenly got the “light” version. I sent it back…straw, lid and cup…and watched them throw it out and make a completely new one…including straw, lid and cup. As this was happening, I asked them to just rinse out the old cup but the barista said, “That’s ok, we’ll give you a new one.”

And then it hit me. What have I been doing? Fraps almost every day. The chemicals. The calories. THE CUPS!!!

I finished my drink, felt guilty, threw it away, and headed over to Borders to meet John.

I browsed the books while waiting for him and stumbled across the perfect book for me. It was staring at me as if the green Gods were about to hit me over the head with it. The Gorgeously Green Diet by Sophie Uliano! I grabbed it and started to tear through the pages. I could diet AND save the Earth! Does it get any better than this?

I bought it, ran home and immediately started devouring (pun intended) the information.

I’ve already learned so much about the foods we eat, where they come from, the pesticides used and the packaging. It’s incredibly overwhelming and eye opening.

The author has a 30-day challenge so for the next 30 days, I am committing -- out loud -- to eating healthier, more Earth-friendly foods. This means for the next month I will become my own green barista, throwing out my old diet and making a completely new one.

I’ve decided to blog my journey through this process.

Next post...The Pledge!