Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 1, 2, 3 and 4

I technically started this program on Monday, June 1st. I was just a little late in my postings. So far I’ve lost 5 pounds most of which I’m sure is water weight but nonetheless, 5 pounds. I feel great!

I’ve packed my own lunch using this very cool thing that I found…the wrap-n-mat. You can get one for about $11 at . Basically it’s a fabric square that has a plastic covering on one side (read about the safety of the plastic lining here ) and it folds over your sandwich and holds with a velcro strip. And I’ve only been made fun of twice!

Breakfast and lunch have been pretty easy. Organic apples and bananas. Organic peanut butter and hummus sandwiches (not together) using organic bread. I have had yogurt…but organic and I recycled the container at the Whole Foods. I have my own utensils at work so no waste there. But I have to admit that dinner has been tough.

I’ve had several events after work this week which haven’t allowed me to make dinner so I’ve eaten out. Menus are a scary thing when you’re trying to eat healthier and be environmentally conscious.

Unless you’re eating at a vegetarian restaurant that screams it’s organic, it’s impossible to know where your food is coming from. And I'm even learning that the things I buy in the grocery store don't always tell the truth on their labels." Just because it says “free range” on the label, doesn’t mean that the little chicken was roaming around on the farm. All it has to mean is that the chicken was give a small door or window in an over-crowded barn. (Go to
to learn more!)

The nights I’ve had to eat in restaurants, I’ve chosen eggs and toast and, well…

Last night I went to a bar with friends for an after work drink. I’m pretty sure the gin and tonic wasn’t organic, nor were the 2 small chicken wings I ate. I was disappointed in myself. Not only was it not a meal, not healthy and certainly not organic, but I was hungry afterwards. Where I was proud of myself was when I went home and had a snack of the organic peanut butter and banana…measured out! In the past, I ate that whole plate of wings and would’ve gone home and binged on the peanut butter. But I remained in control and that was a big deal for me.

I’m going away this weekend to a conference and that will definitely be a challenge. I plan on packing snacks and will go for the more "healthy" choices.

Wish me luck!

Happy weekend...see you on Monday!

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Brutalism said...

Congrats on the 5 pounds and the conscious eating! I'm so excited to hear all about this.